The Final Countdown

A new crate and a countdown to TGE

The Rave at Omni Island

Alice and Bob are on a mission. Far beyond their home archipelago, they have braved the elements and followed rumors… arriving at the guarded shores of luxurious, mysterious Omni Island late one night.

“Security looks tight,” Bob murmurs, watching strange drones patrol the beach. In the distance, the sound of dance music pulses from some secret festival.

The two explorers do their best to stay hidden as they navigate the exclusive event. “There are people from all over the omniverse here!” Alice gasps. “Uni, Curve, OpenSea, Balancer. All of a sudden I feel underdressed.”

As the bass drops and lasers spin, Bob feels a large hand grip his shoulder.

Alice laughs nervously. “You have five seconds to explain yourself, before I throw you out,” The Connector warns.

“We're here on behalf of The Accountant,” Alice blusters. “We need your help connecting Shell World to the omniverse.”

“No doing business without an invitation,” The Connector scolds. “Only walk-ins I’ll allow tonight are bartenders and entertainers.”

A holographic drone above the party haze announces an upcoming auction. Backstage, Alice and Bob suit up. The lights flash, and two adventurers jam out in front of a roaring crowd.

After a wicked keytar solo, The Connector takes the mic. “As you know,” his voice booms, “I have been working with The Accountant, and we have nearly completed our plans for Shell v3. At the end of this festival weekend, we will be auctioning off one thousand crates of rare musical technology. For now, I present… The Final Countdown. An official date and time for the release of the long awaited $SHELL token.”

Huge blue numbers appear above the roaring crowd. Wiping sweat off his brow, Bob turns to Alice.

The Final Countdown

After years of building, testing, grinding, and the occasional surf break… the moment is here. Shell Protocol will be releasing its official $SHELL token and immediately transitioning to decentralized community governance via Shell Protocol DAO on January 22nd, 2024 at 2:00 pm Pacific Standard Time.

There is a countdown active right now in the official app. At 00:00, TGE will commence.

To celebrate, we are releasing a totally new set of limited edition Countdown Crates, along with brand new booster items and recipes. One thousand Countdown Crates will be released at 12:00 PM PST this coming Monday in an Evolving Proteus liquidity bootstrapping pool.

What does this mean? The crates in the pool will begin trading for a very large amount of Ether, and slowly go down over the course of three days as the pool rebalances. This is similar to a Dutch auction. At the end of three days, the pool will transform into a standard constant product liquidity pool, with a ratio of leftover crates and Ether balanced by the market.

Every Countdown Crate will be immediately tradeable, and can be opened to reveal a random item from the following options:

Countdown Crate

Converter - 20% Drop Chance

Bassbooster - 20% Drop Chance

Keybooster - 20% Drop Chance

Ponzu Sauce - 20% Drop Chance

Mini Booster - 20% Drop Chance

The following new items have been added to the Accountant’s Trove collection:


An electric bass tuned for a Shell Point overdrive.

Grants a 2.5% boost for 20 days.

Can be found in Countdown Crates.


A synthy keytar built to boost Shell Points.

Grants a 5% boost for 10 days.

Can be found in Countdown Crates.

Sauced Bassbooster

A supercharged electric bass to boost your Shell Points.

Grants a 3.5% boost for 20 days.

Can be crafted from: Bassbooster + Ponzu Sauce

Sauced Keybooster

A synthy keytar built to boost Shell Points..

Grants a 7% boost for 10 days.

Can be crafted from: Keybooster + Ponzu Sauce

Megawub Booster

An earthshaking DJ deck ready to rock the club, and your Shell Points.

Grants a 15% boost for 10 days.

Can be crafted from: Sauced Keybooster + Sauced Bassbooster

How will the Ether from the LBP be used? A small amount will be left in the pool to provide liquidity. The next $10,000 (in USD) of Ether will be swapped for the TOUCOIN+ETH LP token by the team, to boost Government Toucan liquidity. The remainder will be used for protocol development.

All new recipes and items are available now to view in the Shell app. Countdown Crates will be released with the start of the new Evolving Proteus pool this coming Monday.

Season's End

Season 3 will end on January 15, 2024, one week before TGE, and $CRAB will be distributed based on points earned during the season. Upon TGE, $CRAB will be redeemable for tradable $SHELL vesting NFTs, which will unlock $SHELL tokens for the holder linearly over two years.

At TGE, the DAO will take immediate control of the protocol treasury, including the amount earmarked for post-launch incentives. Holders of veSHELL will begin earning rewards for staked $SHELL. Cowri Labs will at this time submit a proposal for Season 4 to the DAO, with rewards drawn from the post-launch incentives portion of the treasury. If this proposal is approved by DAO voters, Season 4 will begin shortly after TGE.

A more complete explanation of DAO mechanics, vesting, staking, voting, and rewards will be posted well before TGE.

Happy holidays and happy crafting!

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