Shell v3 is DeFi, Unified

A letter from Kenny on the vision and ambition behind Shell v3

Unfulfilled Promise

The pace of innovation in DeFi is awe- inspiring. There are so many opportunities to earn yield, borrow, lend, provide liquidity, and hedge risk. However, it is overwhelming as an end user when each opportunity—each protocol—is a separate application with a separate interface to learn.

A mundane but all-too-common example is moving liquidity between Uniswap and Curve. This ought to be a simple procedure, as easy as a swap. However, in practice it entails juggling between multiple tabs, sending multiple transactions. Despite being a big believer in the space, I often don’t use DeFi myself because I lack the patience to spend the half hour it usually takes to accomplish anything.

Here’s the problem for users: it is hard to capitalize on opportunities because the ecosystem is too complicated.

Here’s the problem for builders, especially of new protocols: It’s hard to attract users because users not only have to learn how to use a new app, but also have to first open a competitor’s app to move their tokens. Speaking from experience, I can tell you that this is a huge barrier.

We need to transform DeFi from a disjointed ecosystem to a super-network of users and builders.

DeFi, Unified

Shell Protocol is DeFi, unified. Shell v3 consists of two parts: the Shell app, and the underlying smart contract protocols.

Shell App

  • Explore protocols and learn about new opportunities
  • Capitalize on opportunities through an intuitive, universal DeFi interface - similar to token swaps, but for protocols
  • Track and manage your DeFi portfolio, and monitor those of others

Shell Smart Contracts

  • Can integrate with any DeFi protocol
  • Once integrated, a new protocol becomes instantly composable with every other protocol in the network
  • Integrations are permissionless; any team can connect to the Shell Protocol network and access users on the Shell app

Imagine if DeFi Llama and 1inch had a baby…

What’s the end result? Users win because they can capitalize on new opportunities. Builders win because they can attract more users.

Remember that example from earlier, migrating liquidity from Uniswap to Curve? The demo below shows how easy it is to do this on Shell v3:

On the Horizon

In five years, no one will build dapps for their protocols. Instead, they'll just plug into platforms like Shell and instantly connect to users.

Shell minimizes the first mover advantage, ensuring new protocols can immediately access a strong user base, while users gain the latest tools without navigating a tangled web of browser tabs. It's DeFi, unified.

Swap and LP anything across major DeFi protocols from one intuitive interface. Swap tokens and NFTs, stake, optimize your holdings, and track market data in the DeFi super app.


Thanks to everyone who has supported Shell throughout the years. None of this would be possible without you. Today, the protocol is leaving the nest to fly on its own.

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