Now Hiring for Shell Protocol

A list of open positions and needed skills on the Shell team

A long voyage needs a full complement. Now and in the months ahead, the Shell Protocol team is filling its ranks as the Ocean beckons. A balanced team requires a diverse set of backgrounds and disciplines, and we are seeking everyone from core developers to writers and graphic designers. Across all these roles, the key unifier is curiosity, creativity and a consistent work ethic.

If that sounds like you, you will find yourself among like minds, and perhaps at the start of an incredible adventure. All jobs are remote, although working visits to the Shell Protocol house in Honolulu are encouraged. These positions can be full-time, part-time, or contract depending on your needs and availability.

Software Engineer

Both junior and senior software engineers interested in writing smart contracts. Past experience with Solidity and familiarity with defi is a plus. You will find yourself on a small but growing team of developers building compact, elegant, and secure blockchain protocols.

Financial Engineer

An individual with a finance background who thrives in tech-oriented environments. You will work with our development team to design, analyze, and refine decentralized financial products on the Shell Protocol. Working familiarity with defi and AMMs is a good foundation. Familiarity with Python is also a plus.

UI/UX Engineer

An engineer able to develop and manage a web-based front-end interface for interacting with smart contracts. You are comfortable working with Figma designs provided by designers, and are able to handle Web3 integrations.

Graphic Designer

A digital artist capable of creating assets and UI elements for our front-end and landing page. You may also have experience building well-organized and implementable Figma mockups, or working in 2D or 3D illustration.

Business Development

A savvy, driven professional with the confidence and experience to make and maintain relationships across the defi space. You’re comfortable talking tech with developers, and have a sharp eye for creating and pursuing new partnerships and collaboration opportunities.

Technical Writer

A skilled writer who can distill complex issues and esoteric concepts into accessible, well-organized prose. Ideally, you have an existing familiarity with defi concepts, and perhaps you’ve been told that you do a great job explaining what others could not.

All hiring inquiries may be emailed to, or passed along to our team through a Discord DM.


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