How To Claim CRAB and SHELL

Step-by-step guide of how to claim CRAB and SHELL tokens shellstream

1. Navigate to

2. Click "Connect Wallet"

3. Click on your wallet to connect

4. Click "Claim CRAB" if you have unclaimed CRAB tokens

5. Confirm transaction in your wallet

6. Once the transaction is confirmed and mined a success window will pop up. Click "Close" button to close it

7. You will see amount of claimable Shell Tokens. Click "Claim SHELL" to claim

8. Enter amount or choose from predefined options how many SHELL tokens you want to claim

9. Click "Approve"

10. Set spending cap and approve transaction in your wallet

11. Click "Claim"

12. Confirm transaction in your wallet

13. Congrats! You have successfully claimed your well deserved Shellstream of SHELL tokens.

Your SHELL tokens will be unlocked linearly every block and you will be able to claim them in your vesting panel which you can access by clicking on "View vesting" button.

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